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Welcome to Vienna!

Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is the capital of Austria, the landlocked alpine country between Italy and Slovenia to the South, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the East, Switzerland to the West and Germany to the North.

Vienna City Location

This city of around 1.8 million is known to have one of the highest qualities of living worldwide. Once it used to be the center of the vast Austro-Hungarian empire. Remnants of these times can be found all around the city, ranging from magnificent palaces and museums to large parks and monuments.

Haas-Haus Vienna

Nevertheless, Vienna did not stop developing and has many faces today - ranging from traditional and historical to progressive and alternative - that alternate and complement one another often in a very unexpected way. The city features vibrant cafés and clubs, modern architecture and trendy designer stores as well as concert halls, imperial palaces, numerous museums and traditional establishments.

Study at Vienna University

And most of all, Vienna definitely is a good place to spend one's student days...! With a heap of state and private universities and other academic institutions (dating back as far as 1365 AD!), the city is the largest student hub in the German speaking region, accomodating approx. 150.000 students.

This site is dedicated to introducing the city to you and providing a comprehensive guide to living and studying in Vienna - featuring a lot of background info on culture and history. Furthermore you find a customized listing of pubs and restaurants and nightlife venues as well as some hints on accomodation and shopping.

We always keep you updated on current events and specials and have also included an interactive section - comments and suggestions are always very welcome, feel free to drop us a line!

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