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Living in Vienna

On these pages we compiled some practical basic information for living in Vienna, for now sub-divided into the following categories:

Accomodation in Vienna

There is a large variety of options available in Vienna catering to every gusto and pocket: You will be easily able to find choices for a short stay (hotels, hostels, private accomodation) as well as long term-housing (university housing, shared apartments, private renting). Be prepared for prices varying substantially according to location (district) and season (peak vs. off).

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Public Transport

Public transport in Vienna is (especially in comparison to most other large cities worldwide) extremely well developed and efficient: You are able to reach virtually every point of town by train, subway, tram or bus within a unified public transport network. There is a flat fee for single rides (which however is fairly high), with a bunch of more economic options for longer-term tickets (3 days to 1 year).

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Media in Vienna

One of the best ways to become acquainted with the city, the language and the mentality of the people living here is to indulge in local media! Check out the channels ORF1 and ORF2 brought to you by the Austrian state-owned broadcasting corporation or listen to one of the radio stations. With a large variety of local papers Austria has one of the highest printmedia density worldwide.

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Telephone and Internet

Want some practical information for your communication needs in or from or to Vienna? Grab a mobile phone (either with prepaid sim card or fixed contract) for independent local communication or use a long distance calling card for overseas communication... Did you know that virtually all student residences and most of the privately rented apartments in Vienna are equipped with broadband internet and that furthermore many areas in Vienna offer free WLAN?

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Need Assistance?

Got some urgent need for an emergency number or just miss this small piece of information that could be provided by one of the various servicelines in Vienna? Our listing includes everything you might need - from Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade numbers to Lost Property Service Hotline, Airport- and Train-Info and numbers for ordering a Cab.

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Useful Hints

This category features useful miscellaneous info like opening hours, waste separation in Vienna or contact details for embassies in Vienna.

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We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!