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Coffee Houses in Vienna

The Kaffeehaus (traditional coffee house) is a typical Viennese institution. Basically a café for enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends or accompanied by a newspaper in a relaxed atmosphere, different other treats (such as tea, drinks, cakes and small snacks) are served as well. Visiting a couple of these places reveals a great variety and is definitely a must for every visitor to Vienna.

Café Griensteidl The Vienna coffeehouses are said to date back to the 17th century Ottoman wars: When Vienna was liberated from the second Turkish siege by an Polish-Habsburg army in 1683, the victorious allies captured numerous sacks with coffee beans they initially thought were camel feed. A wise Polish army officer, understanding the actual value of these beans, is said to have asked his king Jan Sobieski for the coffee bags and thus was able to open up the first coffeehouse in Vienna - consequently establishing the long tradition of the Viennese Kaffeehaus.

The popularity of the Coffee Houses in Vienna and their importance to Vienna social life is probably linked as well to the extremely relaxed atmosphere inside these Cafés: It is completely normal for the guest to linger alone for hours and study the omnipresent newspapers. Along with coffee, the waiter will serve an obligatory glass of cold tap water and during a long stay will often bring additional water unrequested, with the idea being that you are a guest who should feel welcomed and not pressured to leave for another patron.
At least a couple of visits to a Kaffeehaus are compulsory if you want to understand Viennese traditions!  

Vienna Coffee House Longlist

The following section provides a comprehensive listing of all the famous Coffeehouses and Cafés in Vienna:

Map of Coffeehouses in Vienna

In order to find your way to all the Cafés in Vienna mentioned here, and hopefully discover the best Viennese coffeehouse for yourself, we provided an aerial view of the Vienna city center with all the relevant coffeehouses as well as the significant subway stations:

Map to Vienna Coffeehouses

Most of the Coffeehouses in Vienna are located in and around the city center:
(1) Café Central
(2) Café Demel
(3) Café de l´Europe
(4) Café Griensteindl
(5) Café Hawelka
(6) Café Landtmann
(7) Café Mozart
(8) Café Museum
(9) Café Prückel
(10)Café Sacher
(11)Café Schwarzenberg

Couldn't exactly find what you searched for? Or happened to discover another Café in Vienna you would like to share with other users? You are more than welcome to let us know!

We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!