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Communicating in Vienna

On these pages we compiled some practical information for your communication needs, sub-divided into the following categories:

Mobile Phones

Thanks to the ongoing fierce competition between the main telco providers in Austria, rates for mobile communication as well as broadband internet are fairly low:
© Krystle You should be able to get a prepaid sim card that gives you national calls for 5cents/min. or less, with some companies even offering a "free sms"-package for students, while fixed contracts (term normally 12 months) normally earn you a free mobile phone (German: Handy) sim-locked to the respective provider.

To give a brief overview, the main market players are:

As new offers are coming out basically weekly, no recommendation can be given here - check the advertising or company websites to find the offer that fits you best!

Internet Access @home

Virtually all student residences and most of the privately rented apartments in Vienna are equipped with broadband internet.
Should you need to have yourself connected via fixed line at home, several bundle products ("Triple Play", i.e. fixed-line phone, broadband internet and mobile phone) are offered at competetive rates by Telekom Austria. For more details refer to the respecite providers homepage.

Public Internet Access

Besides Web-Access for registered students at your university (refer to the respective manuals and infosites!), many Internet Cafes are spread around the city - just to name a few centrally located ones:

Furthermore free WLAN-areas can be found in town, for example at Museumsquartier (1070, Landesgerichtsstrasse, U2 Volkstheater).

Long distance calls

It is strongly recommended to check price information of your telco provider before doing extensive long distance calls, as rates can vary significantly.
Generally speaking, calling from your mobile phone will be most expensive, followed by a fixed line (home or public telephone booth) call. In many cases the most economic possibility is using a long distance calling card (that usually can be dialed-in to via a free 0800-number), bought at a Trafik or a small telco store.

Emergency Numbers and Servicelines

Refer to the Assistance-Section of this site for a comprehensive listing of emergency numbers and servicelines as well as infos on lost and found issues.

Couldn't exactly find what you searched for? Or happened to discover a valuable information source you would like to share with other users? You are more than welcome to let us know!

We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!