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Contractors in Vienna

Whether you are renting a flat in Vienna or are even owning the apartment you reside in yourself, there is always something to do! The heating does not work properly, the washing basin's drain is clogged, the window seals are leaking, a floor tile is broken... - many different troubles requiring a skilled craftsman to fix them.

Plumbing And skilled the craftsmen in Vienna definitely are. Not only owing to the century-long history of trades and crafts in Europe in general and Austria in particular, but also due to their ability to quickly and decisively adapt to the new technologies emerging nowadays.

All the contractors in town are mandatory members of the Vienna chamber of commerce (Wirtschaftskammer) which is a special interest group providing different services for its members. Besides promotion of economic development and some lobbying work, the chamber of commerce also supplies special trainings and certifications as well as different consulting services to the local companies.
Craftsmen in Vienna are generally reliable and on time. They require pre-booking several days in advance for routine work, but basically all of them are offering 24-7 emergeny services as well (even though they will charge higher prices for evening or weekend work). No matter if you contract a local plumber, electrician or floor tiler, you will surely be satisfied.

Last but not least a piece of advice for you: Make sure you employ a licensed company ("konzessioniertes Unternehmen") possessing the relevant expertise. This will protect you against unpleasant surprises and save quite some money in the long run. There are several companies and individuals on the market that offer their services without the necessary skills.

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