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Viennese and Austrian Culture

On these pages we compiled a bunch of information on Viennese as well as Austrian history and culture, for now sub-divided into the following categories:

Austrian History

Leopold Babenberg

When it comes to Austrian history, numerous stories can be told and uncountable books have been filled - let us start simply with a text elegantly summing up decades of history in just a few sentences.

History of Vienna


Let us leave present-day Vienna and go back to ancient times. From the Roman foundation of Vindobona to the Ottoman and Napoleonic wars and finally the peak and the end of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Vienna Sights


Owing to a long and fascinating history Vienna offers an immense variety of sights to be discovered. Make sure to take plenty of time as a few days will definitely not be sufficient to really visit this city!

Book References

Vienna Reference

Interested in the marvellous city of Vienna and its sights, history and culture? Looking for additional reading material? Then you will definitely appreciate our compilation of recommended books!

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