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German Schools in Europe

The Indo-European language German ('Deutsch') is spoken by over 120 million native speakers and around 80 million non-native speakers in the world, mostly in Europe. Thus this language is not only the most widely spoken first language in the European Union, but one of the world's major languages - due to the number of speakers as well as the economic power of the German-speaking countries.

Perchtoldsdorf This German speaking region in Europe includes the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as parts of Italy (namely the Alpine province of Südtirol in Northern Italy), the East cantons of Belgium, the Eastern French provinces of Alcace and Lorraine, small parts of Denmark, Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. Furthermore, German is an important language in several Eastern European countries.

So why not visit this exciting part of the world and attend a German School in Europe during summer? There are many beautiful places to be discovered - either one of the great vibrant cities (such as Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Zurich) or smaller places in the countryside where you can explore the natural beauty of the Alps or the scenic Danube valley!
Combining language learning and travelling is nowhere easier due to the central location of these countries in Europe. For taking your German lesson Europe - and especially the central part of it - is definitely the place to be!
Make sure to take home not only a profound knowledge of German, but also a great holiday experience!

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