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Learn German in Austria

Together with Germany, Switzerland and Südtirol in northern Italy, Austria makes up the German speaking region in Europe. Including the eight million Austrians, there are more or less 120 million German ('Deutsch') native speakers in the world, making this language one of the most important. Within the European Union German even is the most widely spoken first language.

Schwarzenbergplatz Austria is a country of immense natural beauty as well as historic and cultural appeal, owing to its long history as capital of the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Furthermore, its central location in Europe makes it a perfect base for short trips to the neighboring countries.

Keeping that in mind it definitely is a good and exciting opportunity to learn German in Austria, either in the captal city Vienna or in other places throughout this beautiful country.
As stated before, Austria is a small and landlocked alpine country in the center of Europe between Italy and Slovenia to the South, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the East, Switzerland to the West and Germany to the North.
Thus it will be very easy to combine learning German during your stay at one of the German schools in Austria with getting to know the beautiful country of Austria and maybe even some cities further away like Prague, Bratislava or Budapest.
Make sure to get the most out of your stay in Austria!

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