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Media in Vienna

On these pages we compiled info on media in Vienna:

Austrian Television

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The state-owned bradcasting company ORF offers the two channels ORF1 and ORF2. While ORF1 features mostly mainstream movies, sitcoms, sports, different shows and news, ORF2 is more culture-oriented, offering Austrian movies, documentaries, talk shows as well as concerts and operas.
Basically all student residences and most of the privately rented apartments in Vienna feature either cable or satellite TV, thus offering a multitude of channels (generally a mixture of European - mostly German - formats and a couple of international news and sports channels).
Hint: The website of TV-Media gives you a good online program overview for more than 50 channels.

Radio Stations in Vienna

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While privately owned radio has been introduced just a couple of years ago, the ORF formats still enjoy a large market share. A bundle of private stations adds to a pretty diverse program portfolio - just to name a few:

Austrian Press

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Austria generally (and Vienna as the largest city in particular) has a very high printmedia density catering to every gusto and (political) direction - just to name a few of the most popular papers refer to the following listing:

Daily newspapers

On weekends, newspapers are dispensed from bags attached to lamp posts or traffic poles with a small box to chip in your coins.

Special hint

International papers

Apart from local newspapers, foreign-language papers are widely available in town and at virtually every news-stand in the first district. You will be most likely to find German, English, American, French, Italian and Spanish papers.

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