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Nightlife in Vienna

The city offers a large varity of pubs, bars and clubs, catering to every possible taste: from basic student places to alternative music venues aa well as posh and very upscale clubbing locations.
So there definitely is no need to go to sleep early at night, rather the possibility to party all night!
This handy Vienna nightlife guide includes some of our special recommendations as follows:

Pubs in Vienna

Pubs in Vienna vary greatly in style, offered service and guests to be expected - ranging from Austrian style brew pubs (most of which produce their own beer in the micro brewery attached!) to (more or less) typical Irish Pubs and even places with a dancefloor attached.

Bars in Vienna

With the separation of "pub" and "bar" somewhat blurred, we focus here on more or less "classical" cocktail and wine bars, from restaurants with extended cocktail list to relaxed lounge-like places and posh and trendy bars with tremendously fancy cocktails.

Clubs in Vienna

Vienna features a large selection of clubs catering to all possible tastes. Definitely all wishes regarding location, music and crowd will be satisfied: from dance classics to retro and rock, from cosy disco pubs to full-scale clubs and multi-floor discotheques.

Special Nightlife Hints

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Apart from "regular" pubs, bars and clubs, Vienna features a lot of special venues and parties periodically hosted in sometimes very unusual places - for quite a few of them you need the right insider knowledge to track them down. Here you can find our favourites!

Your party week in Vienna

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Ever thought about going out to an alternative venue on Tuesday night and didn't find the right spot? Or desparately searched for a posh clubbing on Wednesdays? Or a student party this Friday? Well, these suggestions might be a good start four your weekly party planning!

Hope you have a good idea about the Vienna nightlife right now!
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We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!