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Shopping Malls in Vienna 2016

For larger scale shopping expeditions, various malls can be found around the city center as well as at the outskirts of the city.

Vienna Shopping Malls

A - Lugner City
B - Ringstrassen Galerien
C - Gasometer City
D - Millenium City
E - Galleria Landstrasse
F - Q19
I - Donauzentrum
J - Auhof-Center
K - Riverside

Vienna City Shopping Malls

We would like to introduce Lugner City and Ringstrassen Galerien as two of several city malls here. Other shopping centers include Gasometer City, Millenium City, Galleria Landstrasse and Q19, which are all easily reached by public transport (subway).

Ringstrassen Galerien
Ringstrassen Galerien Directly in the city center next to the Opera house at 1010, Kärntner Ring 5-7, this fairly upscale mall is located within two adapted 19th century buildings (connected by a glass bridge - architectonically interesting structure!) and includes 60 shops (focus on Austrian and international designer labels, leather and shoes, jewellery and watches) as well as several cafes and restaurants.

Lugner City
Lugner City Located to the west of the city center near Westbahnhof at 1150, Gablenzgasse 5-13, this pretty large mall (110 shops of all sectors) includes a fitness center, several restaurants and an entertainment complex (incl. cinema) as well as several doctor's offices.

Hint: As the mall owner Richard Lugner is a selfmade man and society lion (famous for his special guests at ¨Opernball¨), it might be good to check his website even if you dont want to visit the mall...

Suburban Shopping Malls

A couple of malls can be found at the outskirts of the city (where public transport connection is not optimal, so your own car might be a good option to reach these shopping centers):

SCS - Shopping City Süd
Shopping City Süd Located (as the name suggests) south of Vienna in Vösendorf this mall is said to be one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe - be prepared to find virtually everything in the 330 shops and megastores there (on a whopping 225.000 sqm)!

SCN - Shopping Center Nord
Shopping Center Nord Large mall (over 80 shops and restaurants) in the north-western part of Vienna (1210, Ignaz Köck Straße) surrounded by several large furniture and hardware stores. In-house entertainment complex with large cinema.

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