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Sports Centers in Vienna

Various sports compounds and fitness centers can be found in the city of Vienna. We would like to introduce two of our favourite places here:

WRC Schönbrunn

WRC Schönbrunn The WRC Schönbrunn sports compound includes a fitness center with sauna, a large indoor gymnasium as well as outdoor facilities (soccer playing field, track and field facilities, beach volleyball courts). Entrance by day as well as monthly and yearly memberships (no registration fee).
They have English speaking staff, non-smoking bar/facilities, a sports bar with all sorts of sports channels (Schönbrunn Palace chef in the kitchen!) and people of all ages as customers.
1130, Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 52 (near Schönbrunn castle)
next to U4 Schönbrunn, see map

Club Danube

Club Danube The sports center chain Club Danube offers a broad range of indoor sports (various fitness opportunities as well as courts for squash, tennis, soccer, etc.) at ten different facilities all over Vienna.
Competitive pricing with various special offers, most of their locations are located within Shopping Malls or Park&Ride-Stations and thus well connected to public transport.
1030, Franzosengraben 2 (next to U3 Erdberg)
1140, Deutschorderstraße 3 (next to U4 Hütteldorf)
1150, Moeringgasse 20 (next to U6 Burggasse/Stadthalle)
1160, Kendlerstraße 41 (next to U3 Ottakring)
1220, Adolf Schärf Platz 4 (next to U1 Kagran)
check their website for additional locations...

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