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Universities in Vienna

Vienna definitely is a good place to spend your student days...!
With a heap of state and private universities and other academic institutions, the city is the largest student hub in the German speaking region, accomodating approx. 150.000 students.

These weblinks to all universities in Vienna are for your reference:

Public Universities
- University of Vienna
- Vienna University of Technology
- University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
- Vienna University of Economics and Business
- Medical University of Vienna
- Academy of Fine Arts
- University of Applied Arts Vienna
- University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna
- Vienna University of Education
- University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Private Universities
- Webster University Vienna
- MODUL University Vienna
- Private University for Management
- TCM University Li Shi Zhen
- Konservatorium Wien
- Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Apart from these, several colleges of applied sciences - known as "Fachhochschulen" - can be found in the city as well:

- Fachhochschule des bfi Wien
- Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
- University of Applied Sciences FH-Campus Wien
- FHWien University of Applied Sciences

Generally speaking, these instituations are located within the urban area quite centrally and easily accessible by public transport. In contrary to the Anglo-American region, most of the institutes and lecture halls are not located on a single university campus but rather spread over a sometimes pretty large region of the city.

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We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!