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Useful Hints - Miscellaneous

Business Hours

One of the few things with room for improvement are the generally not extremely consumer-friendly business hours in Austria:

Catering to the high demand for after-hour shopping, most of the gas stations provide - sometimes fairly large - grocery and convenience stores (7x24hrs). Furthermore you can find extended opening hours at railway stations and the airport.

Waste separation

Protection of the environment is a serious concern to most Austrians and thus the commitment to collect and separate waste is quite high. You will experience Vienna as being a pretty clean and tidy city - please contribute your fair share to that as well!

The Vienna waste separation scheme arranges for the separate disposal of "normal" domestic waste, paper, glass, metal (tins), and special materials such as old batteries or medicines.

You can easily find special paper and bottle containers (separated into white and coloured glass) - often additional containers for metal and plastics as well - all over the city.
Besides that, old batteries are taken back in shops and old medicines should be returned to pharmacies.

Refer to the municipal waste management departments infosite for further information.

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