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Wine and dine - Vienna Restaurants

Traditionally based on a mixture of influences from the different people of the old empire, such as the famous veal cutlet Wiener Schnitzel from Milan, the sweet Powidltascherl from Bohemia or the typical beef stew Gulasch from Hungary, new influences from various more recently appeared ethnics (ranging from the ubiquous Turkish kebab to Asian and African cuisine) contribute to the multicultural flavour of the restaurant scene in Vienna.

Pub in Vienna

The city features an extremely wide varity of pubs and restaurants - from very basic budget eateries to posh and extremely upscale. Although its by far not possible to cover the whole range of places in Vienna, we tried to showcase at least a couple here.

Categorized as follows to give a rough estimate of what to expect in terms of ambience, crowd and prices:

- shell out a fortune at magnificent upscale places
- meet the hip crowd at one of the latest trendy venues
- get a feeling of typical and very traditional Austrian food
- enjoy a good and affordable meal at a student's eatery
- you definitely have to try at least one of the special places!

We dug out a couple of non-mainstream insiders' tips specially for you - of course we got some of the "standard" places you will find in the typical tourist guidebooks, but we managed to give a good overview on the whole scene with a mixture of fairly touristic and real Viennese venues... - enjoy!

Couldn't exactly find what you searched for? Or happened to discover a valuable information source you would like to share with other users? You are more than welcome to let us know!

We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Vienna!